Accredited Investors

We partner with both large and small investors to put your money to work earning a very respectable return with relatively low risk. Working with us gives you all of the benefits of investing in real estate with none of the hassle.


We do all of the work. Our job is to find the great deals, negotiate the terms, work with tenants and property managers, do all of the repairs and maintenance and more. Your job is to sit back, relax, and earn a passive income (although we would be happy to listen to any wisdom you have to share).

We treat your money the way you treat your money.

I once told an investor " I'll be very careful with your money. I'll treat it like my own." To which he demanded, "No, I want you to treat it like it's mine!"

We realize every investor has a different level of risk tolerance. We do our best to keep your money as safe as possible. We use big profit margins and big returns. We mitigate risk by keeping our expenses as low as possible, especially debt service.

Why invest in real estate?

You get to purchase at a discount! If you could buy shares of Apple for 50¢ on the dollar, I would suggest doing that. But since most people buy stock at market value, investing in deeply discounted real estate seems like the obvious choice.
It's a tangible asset When you own real estate, you own physical property, not just paper. Heck, nowadays even gold is sold as a certificate. The origin of the term "real estate" comes from the fact that it was long considered the only real property.
Stable income and return With rental property you can expect a long term predictable income.
Appreciation & Inflation Hedge Real estate value naturally goes up over time. Sure we've had a crash or two over the years, but think about how much you paid for your first house.
Portfolio Diversification If you're still recovering from the last stock market crash, it might be time to diversify into some other asset classes.

Why invest with us instead of your own real estate?

Growth In other words, What do you need me for?
Could you invest in real estate without us? Of course, but why would you?

  • We work hard to find great deals that meet our buying criteria.
  • We do all the negotiating with sellers and brokers.
  • We deal with the banks.
  • We deal with the accountants.
  • We deal with the tenants and property managers.
  • We deal with the maintenance.
  • We deal with collecting rents.
  • We deal with replacing the roof, the A/C and the hot water heaters.
  • We drive up the NOI, thus dramatically increasing the value of the property.
  • We do all the work to sell it.
  • You get final approval over the deal.

Why would you want to be responsible for clogged toilets and tenant complaints when you
can have all the benefits of investing in real estate with none of the hassle?

Q&A Q: With my stocks I have liquidity. What about with real estate?
A: Well the truth is, liquidity is the down side to real estate. It takes time to get in and out of transactions. However, if you decide you want out, we normally have other investors who are ready to step in (ourselves included). I can't promise it will happen over night, but we'll do our best to cash you out. I can promise to treat you fairly and honestly. Our typical investment time frame is 3 to 5 years, sometimes longer. You'll know exactly the planned timeframe before you make your final commitment.

Q: Is investing in real estate safe?
A: Relatively. We make it safer by keeping our assets in great shape. We do not defer our maintenance. We minimize our expenses and keep our debt service low. We understand that leverage is risk. We use leverage, but keep our Debt Service Ratios above 1.6.

Q: Can I invest from my IRA?
A: Yes, we can show you how to do that.

Q: Can I do a 1031 exchange?
A: Yes. Well it's a little tricky, but yes. We'll work with you and your intermediary on the details. This technique requires you to be Tenants In Common instead of LLC. This option is only available to larger investors.

Q: How do I know it is a good deal?
A: You get to look at and approve the deal before you ever commit to the funds.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Here is our YouTube Video Presentation for Accredited Investors.

Call to Action Do not wait. Do not hesitate. Give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs as an investor. There is really zero risk to having a conversation with us. You've already made it to the bottom of the page. You've come this far. The next step is to call.

Disclosure: This is not a security offering. We are not offering any specific investment opportunity with this page, at this time. Upon discussion with you, we will share information about specific opportunities as they arise. Each real estate investment opportunity shall be treated independently and not comingled with any other transaction. A specific property transaction may take any one of many forms, including Tenants in Common, LLC, PPM / PPO, Land Trust Beneficiaries, Joint Venture, Debt Partners through bona fide mortgage, etc. At that time, any required disclosures shall be issued to you, for that specific real estate transaction.