Attention Commercial Brokers and Real Estate Professionals... We want your apartment deals!

We love working with experienced and knowledgeable commercial real estate licensees to find apartment buildings. Your rich understanding of commercial real estate parameters is crucial to putting together the right seller with the right buyer. I too am an experienced Real Estate Broker.

Real Estate Licensee When searching for a buyer for your apartment building sellers, it is critical to work with someone who is ready and willing to perform. You know there are a lot of hacks and wannabes out there. Work with a true real estate professional.

  • We make it easy to do business with us
    I understand that it can be very frustrating for a broker to interact with buyers who play games, renegotiate and don't do what they say they're going to do. We do not play those games. We are looking for clean transactions. Present deals that meet our criteria and get those deals closed.
  • We do what we say we're going to do
    Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if everybody did?
  • Plays well with others
    We're experienced in working with less than perfect sellers. Let's face it, many apartment sellers are burned out, tired and ready to move on. Why? Because they failed to run their apartments like a business. We are ok with that. Our job is to stabilize those types of properties.
  • I'm a Real Estate Broker too
    I've been licensed in the state of Florida for about 10 years. I have lots of experience and knowledge, just like you. Bottom line, work with other professionals not real estate hacks.
  • Ready, willing and able to close
    We have all our ducks in a row. Just like you, we are looking for an easy and smooth transaction.
  • You get the industry edge
    You really do have a special edge in working with us. You provide extra service to your seller by having a qualified buyer in the bag. That means you can transact open listing agreements without the normal concerns.

Here's what we're looking for

Basically, there are three kinds of deals we do.

1. Great ROI: These are properties in good condition which are already producing good NOI and limited expenses. These properties will kick off a great cap rate from day one. We require 12% to 25% ROI on these.

2. Underpriced Properties: These are properties we can buy at a deep discount. Usually there is a problem which needs to be resolved. We're happy to do the rehab and reposition.

3. The Value Play: These are properties with great potential. C properties in B neighborhoods, problem tenants, burned out landlords, deferred maintenance, etc.